With this immersive experience, you will discover the history of the Second World War, the rise of Nazism, the concentration camps and the extermination centers from the point of view of those who resisted. From propaganda speeches, arrests, the Gestapo office, the train wagon to the unthinkable and the atrocity of the camps, the visit follows, step by step, the inhuman trajectory of those who have been deported by the Nazi regime. Through a tour that includes projections, sound extracts, scenarios and testimonies, the visit brings us face to face with the current reality and raises questions: what can we do and how can we RESIST today?


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A multimedia trail in six parts

A multimedia trail in six parts

1918-1933 / 1933-1940
The Second World War is under way

The First World War, the Treaty of Versailles, the rise of Nazism, the situation in Germany, Mein Kampf, repression and anti-Jews laws, the Hitler Youth, State euthanasia.

Deportation, concentration camps and extermination centres. One and the same purpose: death!

Camps were set up by the hundreds for all people who failed to meet the Nazi “criteria”. Ten million victims were deported because of their ideas, their commitment, their belonging to a particular community, their beliefs or their way of life.

The complexity of the Nazi system
How was all of that possible?

Beyond the horrifying administrative and logistical efficiency, a blind bureaucracy and the obsession with subjugating and exterminating, the question remains open: who was responsible?

The grey area
And what about me?

Throughout history, there have always been executioners and victims, witnesses and people offering resistance... all of them human beings. Nevertheless, these concepts are not set in stone: they intermingle and evolve in a nuanced way. This section asks the visitor this question: what are the leveraging factors that lead us, as citizens, to resist what outrages us?

Survival after the camps
And the testimonies!

They chose to tell their story. Thanks to these “Memory Traffickers”, we grasp the full importance of remembrance work.

How do we offer resistance?
Decode the mechanisms that lead to fear, hate and exclusion.

Today, around us and across the world, there are still far too many unacceptable circumstances. And you – are you simply going to look on? Or will you be the opposite, an activist able to see the injustices and denounce the dangers that put our freedoms at risk?

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Preparing for your visit (Fr)

These teaching documents enable education providers to prepare for a visit to Territories of Memory by approaching the elements that are vital for understanding the exhibition “Never again! A journey through the Nazi camps to consider resistance today.”

This tour marks the beginning of Remembrance work that could very well continue… To that end, further resources are available, for instance via the George Orwell Library.

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